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Learning to Understand Themselves

By Gesang Arif, EBPP School Counsellor

In my experience teaching EBPP students in remote areas, I was inspired by their enthusiasm to understand themselves. Our learning sessions focused on helping them explore self-understanding through discussions and engaging puzzle games.

An example of a puzzle game that I give is: each group is given 4 flat shapes (2 trapezoids/trapeziums and 2 triangles), then students are asked to arrange the four flat shapes into one square shape. Next, I added 2 additional triangular shapes. In the process, the students could complete the first square quickly, but when I gave them two additional flat shapes (small triangles), they started to find it difficult.

During this process I observe how students react when they experience an obstacle. The reactions include; angry, hopeless, giving up, still looking for a way out, discussing, and trying new plans. Despite limited resources, we utilize used cardboard to create puzzles, allowing pupils to develop their skills in problem solving, teamwork and self-orientation.

Pupils show positive attitudes towards learning, despite difficult school conditions. They are enthusiastic about participating in activities and show a desire to learn and develop. Puzzle games not only test their problem-solving abilities, but also illustrate how they face challenges, increasing their self-awareness.

This experience moved my heart to invite others to join in supporting these students’ education. Their determination is amazing. With support from all of us, they can achieve more. I invite readers to consider contributing and donating so that these students can access a better education. Together we can make a significant impact, helping them build a brighter future

Please support our students continue their education by donating during GivingTuesday, 28 November, and GlobalGiving has $1,200,000 in Incentive Funds that will be distributed proportionately based on total funds raised by all the participating NGOs.:

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