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Making Science Learning More Fun with Songs

By: I Nengah Edi Catra, EBPP Science & Music teacher

Natural Science is a subject with a broad range of topics, as it deals with natural phenomena in our daily lives. Its learning approach is scientific and theoretical, involving numerous concepts. This can be challenging for students.

As a Science teacher, I aim to make learning enjoyable to boost students' interest. To achieve this, I'm using songs as a teaching tool, specifically for teaching Science (Physics) concepts related to Measurement.

Using songs involves adapting the lyrics to incorporate the specific material students are learning about. For example, I have transformed the lyrics of the Indonesian song "Burung Kutilang" (Finches) to include examples of quantities, units from the International System of Units (SI), and the corresponding measuring instruments. We sing this song at various points during the lesson, such as the beginning, middle, and end, to reinforce the material.

The use of songs creates a pleasant and light-hearted learning atmosphere. It also helps students stay engaged, reduces monotony, prevents drowsiness, and enhances retention of the material.

I hope this teaching approach benefits EBPP school students in their learning journey across all subjects.

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