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My Dream of Success Through Education

One of our Manikaji students shares her story about how education at EBPP has changed her life.

I’m Wilasmi, Grade 9 EBPP Manikaji School. In my village, I balance school with household chores, aiding my parents and tending to our cows. Yet, my passion for learning never wavers. Education, to me, holds the key to a brighter future for my family and me.

At EBPP School, I thrive academically and enjoy diverse extracurriculars like organic farming, painting, and music. My favourite though is the EMpower program which boosts my confidence through lessons on women’s empowerment, reproductive health, gender equality, and more. Sports, especially volleyball and futsal, add to my growth.

Post-graduation, I aspire to work abroad, enhancing our family's livelihood. With your support, EBPP School can continue nurturing dreams like mine. Together, let's ignite hope and opportunity for our younger peers. Thank you for believing in us.

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