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Physical Exercises supporting Students’ Health during the Pandemic

By: I Ketut Madya, EBPP Sport teacher

During the Covid-19 school closures since March 2020, sports lessons were carried out online through WhatsApp groups by providing theory - not practice.

Well, at the beginning of March 2022, the school was finally re-opened! All students have been waiting for a long time and are finally able to return to practicing sports. With the theory that has been given, they just have to put it into practice so that the benefits of the sport can be felt immediately by their bodies and minds.

One of them, physical fitness, is very important for supporting students’ daily activities. Having a fit and healthy body can increase our students’ motivation and readiness to have the next lessons at school. But sports exercises should not be done haphazardly. If done properly, they can improve students’ physical fitness, increase endurance, flexibility, and body balance as well as train muscle strength.

By doing exercise in the mornings our students will become more enthusiastic and happy about joining their lessons. So Let’s exercise regularly to keep our bodies fit and healthy, especially during this Pandemic.

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