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Proud of Students’ Spirit to Gain Knowledge

By: I Nengah Edi Catra, EBPP Science & Music Teacher

Today, I went to EBPP Darmaji School and as usual, left early in order to prepare for the large classes. But on the way up the steep and narrow Mount Abang road, I got a little problem and the chain came off my motorcycle!

I had to fix it myself and arrived at school a little late due to the chain problem so I decided to go straight to class and teach science material first, even though my tiredness and annoyance from the chain problem had not gone away.

In the process of teaching science, my tiredness and annoyance seemed to be cured by the enthusiasm and activeness of the students in the class. Besides that, I also feel very proud because all students realize that their class schedule is very busy, as well as my teaching schedule as a science, geography, and music teacher, but they asked me to take advantage of their break time to help them practice guitar lessons.

Hopefully, the enthusiasm of the Darmaji students who know there is no schedule in gaining knowledge, can be an inspiration for all EBPP students.

Apart from that, I would also like to thank EBPP for its continuous support to the Ban village communities.

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