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Staff Training on “Merdeka” Curriculum

By: Ni Kd Lina Meri, EBPP Economics teacher

From 25 to 27 September 2023, a group of EBPP teachers joined a regional Education Dept training to better understand the concepts and basic principles of the newly implemented Merdeka (freedom) Curriculum.

One important aspect of this training was the emphasis on the teacher’s role as a proactive learning facilitator when implementing the curriculum methodology in the field. We learnt how to identify students' individual needs and design learning that is relevant to everyday life, while developing skills that are essential for the future.

During the three intensive days, EBPP teachers actively collaborated with teachers and tutors from various other schools and educational organizations. We exchanged experiences and shared innovative ideas in a joint effort to add excellence when implementing the Merdeka Curriculum. This training enriched our knowledge and provided us with new tools and insights to improve the quality of equity learning in society.

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