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Students Aspirations on The Slopes of Mount Abang

By Komang Kurniawan, Chairman & Team Leader

Today, I visited our Manikaji School, high up the slopes of Mount Abang, navigating through the challenging, steep and dusty tracks. Surrounded by an arid environment at the peak of the dry season, students played in the scorching sun. Despite the harsh conditions, inside the classrooms, I found dedicated students immersed in their studies.

I spoke with 10th-grade students, who shared their motivation for learning. They expressed gratitude for having EBPP School as their only educational option and their desire to make a difference. Their dreams ranged from becoming professional farmers to improve their arid region to aspiring to be teachers and working abroad to uplift their families.

These students are full of hope, and their aspirations are inspiring. To continue their education and help them achieve their dreams, we rely on the support of generous donors. Your assistance is essential for these students to create change and lead better lives in the future. Without your support, their dreams remain unattainable.

Thank You

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