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Students' Midterm Evaluations

By: Ketut Madya, EBPP sports teacher

We held students’ midterm exams from 2-6 October and as usual, after our teachers completed marking, they went to each class and involved our students in the process of correcting questions and discussing answers to help them understand the errors they had in their answers – and why! The main aim of this activity is to provide students with the opportunity to assess their own abilities and understanding of the material that has been taught.

We’ve found that this process also plays a key role in motivating students to be more focused and diligent in learning, improving the quality of their interactions in the classroom, and encouraging active participation in the learning process. This exam is not only beneficial for students, but also for teachers. Our teachers also use the test results as a tool to evaluate their performance and helps them understand how far students have progressed in learning.

We hope that through these exams, students can practice their abilities in answering various types of questions related to the material they have studied and that this process supports teachers' efforts to improve the quality of teaching and ensure that every student receives effective and quality learning.

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