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The Hidden Talents of EBPP Student

By: I Wayan Kari Astawa, EBPP Art Teacher

After being able to get through the pandemic period and finally learning at school is back to normal, EBPP students can return to their hobbies, especially in the arts. Now there aren’t any obstacle to block their high enthusiasm although most of our students live in remote areas on the slopes of Mounts Agung and Abang, it’s clear that a lot of students have excellent talent in art, producing paintings that are so creative and innovative.

Art also has an important influence on the mental and physical development of students. With art education, student behavior can be formed in a better direction because art can introduce the values and norms that exist in society to students.

To sharpen their talent, appropriate techniques need to be mastered. Guided by our experience artists, our students, through practice, become more proficient in the art. As their art teacher, I patiently direct their talents through practice with free themes, giving our students opportunities to freely express their feelings.

Basically, every individual has their own creativity and intelligence aspect. Art can facilitate everyone to express all creativity based on their feelings. So, let’s develop your own, where your artworks can entertain people who see them.

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